First of all, I apologize for hoarding this url, but I crave closure and so I give you this message:

Yup I deleted my blog (by mistake, go figure) but i’ve decided that it was fun while it lasted. I’m no longer going to be active, though I will follow a few of my favorite blogs and check this place from time to time.

Thank you so so so so much for all the good times you’ve given me, all of you, it was an honor to be your friend.

To my friends: I will miss you sooo much, but this isn’t the end! I hope that we can exchange contact information and still keep in touch!

To the naruto fandom: I have so many mixed feelings about you, but at the end of the day, I don’t regret joining you. The platform given to me by this fandom is unforgettable, and I love you guys, dattebayo

To my other followers: I’m sorry things ended on such short notice, but thank you for following me.

I won’t deactivate my messaging system, and if you ever need a friend, I’ll be right here. I wish you all the best of luck in your lives and I hope your destiny is a great one.

Peace out!


aka swag queen

also aka sasuke uchihas wife